Germany’s Eurovision Entry Accused of Ripping Off Last Year’s Winning Song

Cascada Glorious

Late last week Cascada’s song “Glorious” was selected over the other 11 acts to officially represent Germany in the 2013 Eurovision song contest to be held in Sweden.  Despite being the most popular song among the German voters, critics were quick to criticize the song for being “eurotrash”, stale, and out of date.  As more time passed, the public joined the critics, but instead of complaining about the quality of the song, or the lack thereof, it was discovered that “Glorious” bears a striking resemblance to last year’s winning song “Euphoria” by Swedish singer Loreen.

Natalie Horler, Cascada’s frontwoman, commented on the accusation to Bild am Sonntag saying that “Let’s overlay the two tracks and see… They’re two different songs.”  The newspaper took her up on that and had the Department of Linguistics at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel perform the analyzation.  The results showed that the “Glorious” is a copy with only “subtle stylistic differences… The refrain uses the same emphasis and works up to a climax in an identical way. The singer even uses the same breathing style.”

NDR, the public broadcasting company that handles Germany’s participation, still has to conduct their own analysis of the songs.  If they find it to be enough of a copy of last year’s “Euphoria”, Cascada will more than likely be disqualified from the Eurovision contest in Sweden.

Eurovision scandals have come to be expected in Europe as there is typically at least one every year.  In fact, last year Loreen’s “Euphoria” was also criticized for being a copy of “Who’s That Chick”, a collaboration between Rihanna and David Guetta.  So is Cascada copying a copied song?  Take a listen to some sample comparisons between “Glorious” and “Euphoria” in the video below and let us know your thoughts on whether it is a copy.


Source: Spiegel
Photo: Glorious Music Video via YouTube

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