Prototype NFC Gumball Machine Delivers Digital Goods Instead of Candy

Razorfish, one of the worlds leading interactive agencies, had their Frankfurt office put together a prototype that would reinvent the gumball/candy machine for the digital age.  In just two days, employees were able to take a classic candy machine, outfit it with a NFC (Near Field Technology) shield, and rig it to distribute digital goods to a smartphone.  The whole idea is an interesting concept that integrates the physical and digital world by having a machine electronically distribute movies, music, books, apps, and more.  We have gotten used to purchasing digital goods using an online payment method, but with this machine you are actually placing a coin into a slot, turning a physical lever, and then the digital transfer takes place.

They put together a quick video demonstrating the device, so check it out below to see how the whole idea works.


Source: Razorfish
via Design Made in Germany

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